Badminton Scotland Committees


Management Committee

Chairperson, President, Vice-President, Company Secretary, Finance Director, Chief Executive, Immediate Past President and Chairpersons of the Finance, Coaching & Development, Performance, Events Committees and 2 independent directors.


Emergency Committee

Chairperson, President, Company Secretary (Chairperson), Finance Director, Chief Executive and the Chairperson of any Committee as appropriate to the particular business of the meeting.


Finance Committee

Finance Director and G. Haldane (Chairperson) and Ms. K. Thomson


Coaching & Development Committee

Coaching & Development Manager and Ms J O'Neil (Chairperson) and Mrs. A. Robertson. 

Events Committee

Executive Administrator and Mrs. M. McCulloch (Chairperson) and D. W. Walker.


Halls Committee

The Manager of the Sir Craig Reedie Badminton Scotland Centre and J. McCulloch (Chairperson) and H Ullah.


Performance Committee

Performance Manager, full-time National Coaches and Mrs. C. Black (Chairperson)

Investigation Committee

C. Campbell (Chairperson) with powers to co-opt whom so ever is required for a particular issue excluding members of the Disciplinary and Appeals Committees.


Disciplinary Committee

President, Company Secretary and C. Ross (Chairperson), Mrs. I. Blair, Mr T R Campbell & D W Walker and Honorary Legal Adviser (in attendance).


Appeals Panel

Independent Chairperson and C Robertson, Mrs. M. McCulloch, I. Campbell (reserve), Honorary Legal Adviser (in attendance).


Betting Integrity Officer

C. Campbell


Betting Integrity Panel

(as Disciplinary Panel)


Senior Selection Committee

The Head Coach (Tat Meng Wong) has been given full responsibility for senior selections and U19 selections taking into account the views of his other full time performance coaches.


Junior Selection Committee

D W Walker (Chairperson), Head Coach (Tat Meng Wong) and Junior Performance Coach (Diana Koleva-Tsvetanova)


Masters Selection Committee

Mr D Travers (Chairperson), Miss G Allan, I. Campbell and Mrs. A. Robertson.

The Chief Executive shall have the right to attend any committee where this attendance is not already specified but will not have voting rights.


Representatives to the Badminton World Federation

Chief Executive and Chairperson (or their nominee)


Representatives to Commonwealth Games Scotland

I. Campbell and D Gilmour.


Representatives to Badminton Europe

Chief Executive and Chairperson (or their nominee)


Representative to the Scottish Sports Association

Dr F Turnbull (or nominee)


Representatives to GB Badminton Ltd

Chief Executive and Mrs. C. Black


Reporting Accountant

C. Emery & Co


Hon. Legal Adviser

Ms. Marie Macdonald of Miller Samuel Hill Brown LLP


Hon. Medical Officer

Dr. N. Gambhir


Group Committees


Mrs. C. Wylie (Group Convener) email
G. McLean (Coaching Convener) email
A. Blaikie
T. Clark
G. Massie
Ms. S. Patterson
Mrs. A. Rae
H. Turnbull


No committee



Miss G. Allan (Group Convener) email
Mrs. M. McCulloch (Treasurer)
J. Craig
P. Geri
S. Henderson
J. Holland
J. McCulloch
Mrs. K. Merrilees
Miss J O’Neil
J. Neil
C. Robertson
Miss K. Thomson



M. Campbell (Convener, Tournament Organiser & Group Child Protection Officer) email
M McCoustra (Convener) email
A. Durrand (Coaching Convener) email
J. MacCulloch (Treasurer)
L Gordon (Coach & Development Secretary)
E. Ballantine (Orkney rep)
I. Campbell (Inverness rep)
M Donald (Moray rep)
T Gough
R Reid
D Grant
J. Grant



Mrs P. Campbell (Convener) email
D. Gilmour (Coaching Convener) email
J. Keenan (Treasurer)
G. H. Ainsley
Ms. K Aitken
Mrs. K. Berry
Ms. L. Greig
Ms. S. Lafferty
C. Philip
G. Shearer
A. Steel
F. Turnbull
K. Turnbull



Mrs. C. Young (Convener) email
Mrs. I. Blair (Coaching Convener)
M. Wilson (Secretary)
C. Campbell (Treasurer)
K. Atkinson (Selection Convener)
G. Broadbent (Senior League Secretary)
B. Ashton
I. Campbell
K. Campbell
Mrs. L. Lamb
R. McCuaig
D. W. Walker (Junior Committee Convener)
Ms. S. Zwane


Mrs. A. Travers (Convener) email
B. Flockhart (Coaching Convener) email
Miss F. Macgregor (Secretary)
K. Alexander (Treasurer)
B. Addison
Ms. S. Addison
G. Anderson
Ms. E. Clark
J. Dunn
S. Dunn
Mrs. M. Hadden
Mrs. J. Hogg
Mrs. K. Stalker



C. R. Ross (Convener & Treasurer) email
Mrs. J. Prieur (Coaching Convener) email
B. G. Robertson (Secretary)
C. Anderson (Tournament Convener)
S. Chappell
J. Guyan
A. Hinchcliffe
S. Plank
Miss R. Rennie
K. Watson
N. Webster
I. Wright



Mrs. N. Waddell (Convener) email
A. Tremble (Coaching Convener)
Miss. C. Pringle (Treasurer)
D. Barr
M. Caldwell
A. Hall
Miss K. Hall
K. McArthur
J. Torrance

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