Coaching Breaks


Coaching Breaks

New regulations about delivery of coaching breaks at tournaments will come into play from August 2021 onwards.

All players, parents and coaches should ensure they are familiar with these regulations, as they are quite different to the regulations which have been in place in the past and will have a significant impact on who is eligible to deliver coaching breaks at tournaments in Scotland.

The new regulations will mean that only members of Badminton Scotland’s Coach Register will be eligible to deliver coaching breaks to any player. The regulations will also mean that coaching breaks during matches will only be allowed at National and Grade A events from U17 age group events upwards. Coaching breaks will not be allowed at any other events.

A full explanation of the new regulations can be downloaded here

If you would like to discuss the new regulations, please contact Peter Dean, Head of Events (07923 229560 or email

Anyone who would like to deliver coaching breaks but who does not have an existing coaching qualification and/or is not on Badminton Scotland’s Coach Register, should contact Nicky Waterson, Head of Engagement (07398121009 or email to discuss opportunities to attend one of Badminton Scotland’s Coach Education courses.