Sports leadership

Young Sport Leaders Education Course

A 6 hour course geared towards educating Secondary school pupils on how to coach, how to organise festivals and how to officiate/organise competitions.  Pupils who complete this are then permitted to assist in the delivery of Big Hit Festivals.

Big Hit Festivals

A new festival format that was first piloted on 10th May at the Cockburn Centre with 3 Renfrew schools (150 pupils over 5 courts). In comparison with the previous Play Badminton Festivals and Sportshall Challenges, the Big Hit Festivals offer additional services including parallel teacher CPD (including new resources), Young Sport Leader delivery and College/Uni student mentoring opportunities.  Furthermore, the ratio of pupils to court has increased with the activities being designed to cater for maximum of 30 pupils per court.

Play badminton

Want to play badminton in Scotland? find all the information you need to get involved here.

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Competitions & events

Find what events, tournaments and competitions are happening in Scotland.

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Find out more about teaching and coaching Badminton in Scotland.

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