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Badminton Scotland is now offering our Coaches an extensive range of CPD courses, please see below for more information and visit our new CPD bookings website to see dates and book your place: If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a future course please email

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Refining Your Overhead Backhand Technique & Developing Backhand Technique

To develop coaches understanding of the mechanics of overhead backhand hitting and apply to their own practical demonstration. To develop strategies that enable coaches to improve overhead backhand hitting in their players.


Multi Skills for badminton

To allow participants to understand what multi-skills are and how skills learned in other sports can be adapted into badminton games/practices.


Improving Movement

To improve the technical accuracy of practical movement demonstrations, including the preparation, execution and recovery linked to playing shots in the forecourt, mid court and the rear court.


How to Coach Complete Beginners

To make coaches aware how it feels to be a beginner, to consider ways to provide an environment to support this and to provide practical ideas and key areas upon which to focus activity.


Feeding Skills

To develop an understanding of the importance of quality feeding practices and to develop overarm, underarm and racket feeding further.


Improving your hitting

To improve the technical accuracy of  practical hitting demonstrations


Developing slice and spin

To introduce coaches to the technical and tactical aspects of spinning the shuttle in the forecourt (FC) and slicing the shuttle in the rearcourt (RC).


Developing overhead hitting deception

To develop coaches knowledge and awareness of the tactical implications of employing deception when hitting overhead.
To develop strategies that enable coaches to improve deception overhead in their players.


Developing tactical practices for singles



Developing tactical practices for doubles



Disability Badminton

This workshop is designed to build on the knowledge you have gained through theLevel 1 / 2 coach awards and previous coaching experience. It will also show that coaching disabled people challenges us in the same way as all other types of coaching and that by using common sense and sound 'good coaching practice' as learned in Level 1 and 2,  you will have all the tools necessary to work successfully in this field.

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