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Our YouTube channel features a number of useful and educational videos for use by coaches at all levels. Below you can see an example of our playlist showing correct form for stretches and warm-up/warm-down exercises, however, there are many more useful videos on our YouTube channel covering all aspects of badminton coaching.



Social media 

We also recommend the following Twitter users who provide relevant and useful advice for coaches on a regular basis.

Sportscoach UK


Funding for Coaches






Sportscotland also have a coaching app which is a great resource for coaches who want to sign up for CPD, listen to podcasts and watch videos on different coaching topics.   Content from various sports and partners make this a really great tool.  The app can be downloaded below:

Download the Android app here

Download the Apple app here

Play badminton

Want to play badminton in Scotland? find all the information you need to get involved here.

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Competitions & events

Find what events, tournaments and competitions are happening in Scotland.

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Find out more about teaching and coaching Badminton in Scotland.

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