All tournament players in Scotland now have an ID number to allow BADMINTONscotland to implement the new Scottish ranking system on tournament software.

BADMINTONscotland's player database, containing individual ID numbers for all players who have entered a sanctioned tournament in Scotland, can be downloaded here.

Following an extensive trial the new tournament software ranking has been formally adopted from season 2016/17. Any previous ranking system has now become obsolete.

The ranking lists give the total number of points awarded to each player, then selects the best 6 to count towards the ranking list for each discipline. There is also an age filter built in.

For seeding in level doubles and mixed events, the 6 tournament total for each player shall be added together then halved. Rankings for tournaments shall be taken from the ranking lists 3 weeks previous to the week number of the event.

For information about ranking points allocated to each event click here.

View ranking lists for all age groups in Scotland.


As before there are specific persons appointed to oversee the seedings for events who have been informed that the ranking lists should be used for seeding and only under exceptional circumstances should there be any deviation from the lists. The appointed persons’ details are shown below:

For Senior Ranking Tournaments:  Mr Kenneth Middlemiss, Chairperson Senior Selection Committee
For Junior 1998 Tournaments:  Mrs Karen Stalker, Chairperson Junior Selection Committee
For Junior 1999 or later Tournaments: Mr Douglas Walker
For Masters (non-ranking) Tournaments: Mrs Karen Stalker, Chairperson Masters Selection Committee

Mr Kenneth Middlemiss
3 Carfrae Road
(0131 343 5970

Mr Douglas Walker
11 Mauricewood Park
(01968 677244)

Mrs Karen Stalker
Swallowdrum Farm
Swallowdrum Road
KY12 9HX

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