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Created on 10 October 2011
Published Date
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UKCC Level 1 Award for Assistant Coaches in Badminton

What does it qualify you to do?
The UKCC Level 1 is the entry point into the coaching world and qualifies the assistant coach to support the Level 2 coach or Level 1 + coach during a coaching session. This support role might include observation of practice, feeding and group management, to allow the effective delivery of the planned coaching programme.

What are the course learning outcomes?
By the end of the - UKCC Level 1 Award for Assistant Coaches in Badminton learners will be able to:
• Understand the role and responsibilities of the coaching assistant
• Understand the principles of hitting technique and provide an accurate demonstration
• Understand the mechanical principles of movement and provide an accurate demonstration
• Understand basic singles and doubles tactics and be able to communicate to their players
• Understand the principles of warm up and cool down and be able to plan and deliver them appropriately related to a coaching scenario
• Understand and apply the basic underpinning knowledge related to the physical demands of badminton and the mechanics of movement
• Understand and apply the main laws of badminton in support of the competitive situation
• Assist with the delivery of badminton coaching sessions
• Assist with the review of badminton coaching sessions

How long does it take to complete?
The UKCC Level 1 Award for Assistant Coaches in Badminton is two days taught learning followed by an assessment day usually delivered over a 2-3 week period.

Are there any pre-requisites?
Candidates will be required to complete the Badminton Basics Course and Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop prior to applying/attending

Is there any pre-course or work required to be completed away from the course?
All UKCC Level 1 courses will involve pre-course e-learning modules that are assessed. These e-learning modules include:
• An introduction into the how to coach skills of badminton
• An introduction to the rules of the game
• The underpinning knowledge related to the physical demands of badminton and the mechanics of movement

How has our UKCC Level 1 been developed?
Our Coaching Qualifications have been developed by a source group formed of members from a variety of backgrounds, including:
• Our Performance Team
• Our Tutor Workforce
• Members of the UK Source Group (Representatives from Badminton Scotland, Badminton Wales & Badminton England)
• SportsCoach UK

This source group has ensured that our Coaching Qualifications form a clear and defined coaching pathway that will shape and support coaches along their coaching journey giving them the relevant skills and experience at the right time.

What does UKCC endorsed mean?
The Coaching Qualifications we currently deliver as part of our coach education programme are endorsed by UKCC and sit on the Qualifications & Credit Framework. Across the three levels of the UKCC Qualifications they aim to introduce and progress learners knowledge of technical and tactical elements of the game as well as the "art" and the "science" of coaching by introducing coaches to the “How to” skills of coaching.

How much does the course cost?
UKCC Level 1 Award for Assistant Coaches in Badminton
Coaches not working within an affiliated club - £220
Coaches working within an affiliated club or Coach Register members - £200

Sportscotland UKCC Subsidy
Candidates can apply for up to 40% off UKCC Level 1 courses. To apply for funding towards your UKCC qualification, please follow the link here

How do you find a course & apply?
Please click here for course dates.

Require more information?
Please contact the Coaching and Development team on 0141 445 1218 or email for more information on the UKCC Level 1 Award for Assistant Coaches in Badminton.

UKCC Level 1 Application Form
UKCC Level 1 Application Guidance
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