Created on 05 July 2013
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Round Robin Box League

When filling in the box league each players score is filled in horizontally across the chart underneath the name of their opponent.

Scores are added up in the end column and the player with the highest score wins.





Want to know the basic rules of badminton without having to read the entire rule book? Why not download our new basic rules poster, which will get you started. The poster can be displayed in games halls, notice boards or even used at the side of the court to help players umpire and score games.


Yonex UK have provided BADMINTONscotland a limited edition poster featuring Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia), Peter Gade (Denmark) and Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia) which clubs can download and display.



Show your support for Team Scotland by downloading our poster featuring some of the country's top players.




Committee Information

Visit BADMINTONscotland's Help for Committees section for a downloadable Club Constitution and information about different roles within badminton clubs.



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