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Name:     University of Edinburgh Badminton Club
Venue:     St Leonards Land
Playing Age & Standard:     Beginner to National
Completed by:     Greg Broadbent (Club President)

Edinburgh Team Small 


Club Background

We provide a badminton club for all students and staff of the University of Edinburgh for players of all abilities. We participate in a yearly tournament circuit with events of different standards for all to get involved. We will soon have four BUCS teams competing in the SSS university league along with fourteen teams within the local Lothian League.

The club is organised by a central committee of eleven people that run the club on a day to day basis. They are supported by a development committee that manages the teams and generally encourages people to play badminton.


The Challenge

Our goals over the next few years are to develop and expand badminton at every level of play. Our top players need high quality training and coaches to help them succeed. At the same time, although we have many beginners who enjoy badminton for fun and fitness, we struggle to help them to learn and improve as players. The core of our club is everyone in between and we need to ensure that we provide opportunities both socially and competitively to keep them interested, playing and improving.

Funding has always been a huge problem with us being a student club. While our Sports Union give us funding to help us participate in university leagues and competitions it’s not nearly enough to help everyone who needs it. Court time is another battle with badminton courts being so expensive in Edinburgh and we are looking to increase our allocation from the University.


Where we are just now...

We’ve had a 40% increase in membership over the last year thanks to the fantastic work of the committee and the majority of club members now have the chance to play in team which they have enjoyed greatly. We’ve worked closely with our Sports Union to improve the club which has had mixed results while the Lothian Group helped by listening to our feedback and assisting us with our new teams for next year.

Tournament attendance this year has been brilliant at all levels with over 30 members attending each event. This culminated with the SSS Regional Competition where we fielded 5 teams (40 players) without the help of the 1st or 2nd team. Our top players have done fantastically at the BUCS individual championships and achieved very good and consistent results at the SSS Championships.


The Future

With all the new teams for 2013/14 it’s going to be an interesting to see how things work out. Things will go wrong at some point and we’ll have to fix it and learn as we go. We’ll have to remember to not forget the beginners that join our club and help them get improve.

We’re also in talks with several potential sponsors and also creating an alumni sponsorship pathway to help increase our funding which we’ll definitely need. We may also have to look into finding additional facility hire to cope with the playing demand for badminton at the University of Edinburgh. 


Greg Broadbent is also one of BADMINTONscotland's Student Ambassadors. To find out more about the programme and each Ambassador please click here.


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