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Created on 12 December 2011
Published Date
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Team GB Selection Criteria
Click here to download the selection policy for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Senior Team Events
Players representing Scotland at senior level are chosen by BADMINTONscotland’s Senior Selectors; likewise, players representing Scotland at junior level are chosen by BADMINTONscotland’s Junior Selectors. Each of these selection panels comprises 3 members.

Squad selection
With effect from 1 September 2016, the undernoted squad selection criteria will apply in respect of the Senior Performance, Senior Development and Under 19 Squads.   Players will be prioritised, depending on their level of play/results (taking into account age group criteria), and whichever priority group they are in will have a bearing on tournament support provided by BADMINTONscotland.  Medal Potential will be the top priority and so on down.

It is hoped that the undernoted makes sense, but a brief summary might help:  players moving from the Junior Development Squad, who are under 19 may be selected for the U19 squad. If a player attains the criteria listed alongside Senior Development Athlete, they would be eligible to move into that priority group; and if they reached the criteria for the next highest group, the same would apply. Players can move upwards, and indeed, should results diminish, they could move into a lower priority group; however, in that case, they would still require to meet the maximum age criteria for that particular group. If a player meets the results criteria for the lower priority group, but is too old, regrettably they would be deselected.

It is anticipated that selections would be made for a 12 month period, with reviews every four months; and at the end of the twelve month period players would either be reselected for the appropriate priority group, or deselected. 

Click here to download the policy

Senior Team Selection Criteria
This Policy will apply to all BADMINTONscotland senior team selections except for those events that have their own specific selection criteria for example Commonwealth Games.

Teams will be selected according to the following priorities:

1. The strongest available players / pairs should be selected for each event.
2. Where a full team cannot be selected from category 1, players / pairs who are identified as having the potential to win matches or medals at the event in question will be considered.
3. Where a full team cannot be selected from categories 1 or 2, players / pairs who are identified as having the potential to win matches or medals in the foreseeable future (next 12- 24 months) will be considered.

Player Eligibility
All athletes wishing to be considered should note that it is mandatory to enter both the Scottish Open and Scottish National Championships.

Additionally they must participate regularly in Scottish and International ranking events and be eligible to play in accordance with BWF General Competition Regulations 

National Senior Development Squad- Selection Criteria
The National Senior Development Squad (NSDS) will be a pilot project carried out by Badminton Scotland’s Senior Performance Team.

The NSDS will only select players who have the potential to show commitment and performance levels required to be a “world class” player, whilst working towards gaining selection to the National Senior Squad, GB Talent Programme and GB Programme.

The National Head Coach will have sole discretion for:

·         Inviting players to assessment day

·         Selecting players to National Senior Development Squad

However guidance and reference may be taken from National Development Coach for both assessment and final selection.

Players invited to assessment day will be required to complete a “badminton CV”. The C.V. must evidence competition results domestic and international, highlight representation for Scotland and evidence both physical and technical attributes/competencies.

In addition (as this is a stepping stone to potentially being selected for Scottish Senior Squad) players must state they would be willing to commit to full time training in Glasgow if selected for Scottish Senior Squad in the future.

The assessment day will involve technical and physical testing and tactical and mental toughness will also be assessed during the day. Physical testing will involve multi-stage fitness test and the standards required are currently published on Badminton Scotland web-site under Junior Selection Criteria.

N.B. Please note physical testing only forms one element of the assessment and passing this test does not guarantee selection to the squad.

Selection of players will primarily involve performance of players at assessment day, however guidance and reference may also be taken from National Development Coach (in particular in cases where players cannot attend due to injury).

It is unlikely (other than in exceptional circumstances) we will invite or assess any players under the age of 16 or over the age of 18.

This ties in with age ranges to be selected onto National Senior Squad, GB Talent Programme and GB Programme.

Please note that there is no course of appeal for invite to assessment day or selection onto National Senior Development Squad.


 Criteria for Selection into National Senior Squad Training

The National Head Coach will have sole discretion for selecting players for the Senior Squad, based on the following criteria:

1.         Players will be selected who are deemed to have the potential to show commitment, attitude and
           performance levels required to be a world class player; whilst working towards gaining selection to 
           National Senior Team; or GB programme and team.

2.         Members of the National Junior Squad who are 16 years or over may be considered for invitation to the National Senior Squad by the National Head Coach.  In exceptional circumstances, National Junior Squad members who are younger than 16 may be considered from time to time, at the sole discretion of the National Head Coach


Squad Requirements

Players may be offered a place in the Senior Squad on the basis of a three, six or twelve month invitation, with reviews being conducted after an agreed period of time.

The length of invitation to the squad will be at the sole discretion of National Head Coach, as will be continued involvement after each agreed invitation/selection period.

Training programmes will be delivered at the sole discretion of National Head Coach at all times (with exception of those players training at Milton Keynes on GB Programme)

Squad members will follow the competition programme given to them by the National Head Coach who will have sole discretion on all competition matters including club matches. However , entries in Scottish International and Scottish National Championships will be mandatory (subject to exceptional circumstances)


The Squad

Senior Squad sessions will take place in the National Badminton Academy in Glasgow (unless exceptional circumstances deem otherwise). In the majority of circumstances, the sessions will be delivered between Monday – Saturday each week, with recovery day on Sundays (unless exceptional circumstances deem otherwise). The content of all sport specific and generic training sessions/service provision will be at the sole discretion of the National Head Coach. In matters of generic support service these will be delivered in collaboration with appropriate personnel from sportscotland Institute of Sport, where deemed appropriate.

Players invited to attend the National Senior Squad are not guaranteed to be nominated for selection to sportscotland Institute of Sport. All nominations for players to the sportscotland Institute of Sport will be at the sole discretion of National Head Coach.



There is a finite level of resource available to National Senior Squad programme. Therefore allocation of these resources to player/s selected into National Senior Squad will be at sole discretion of National Head Coach.

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