Scotland's Sudirman Cup Blog number 1

We made it! After 24 hours of travelling, 5 meals and 3 airports we landed in Brisbane. We thought we would be rewarded for our efforts with glorious sunshine only to be met with torrential rain and a wet weather warning.

So far, not what we had had in mind but if there was one thing that we knew could lift our spirits it was food. Ever the optimists, the boys turned up to the hotel lobby with shorts and t-shirts, whereas the girls went for the more sensible and appropriate jeans and jumpers. Finding a restaurant that suits the taste of 10 hungry and tired people is definitely not easy but we settled on a cuban cafe and managed not to fall asleep in our sandwiches.

When everyone emerged from their mildly comatose states the next morning we took full advantage of the buffet breakfast and set off for the hall for our first hit. Everyone’s bodies were feeling relatively ok after our mobility and yoga session from the night before, even Kieran who had struggled with food poisoning in the couple of days before we travelled.

After a few hours of moving and getting our eye in, feeling out the drift and the lighting in the hall, we hit the gym for a light weights session. It was light for a few reasons; so that we don’t get injured and so that we aren’t too tired for our upcoming matches.

Following a quick physio session for some back at the hotel, henceforth known as Clarky’s Clinic, nap and a shower we braved the rain again and headed to the welcome gala dinner. We all scrubbed up well if we do say so ourselves. Normally, we dread these kinds of evenings but we were kept well entertained throughout the night and the dinner wasn’t half bad!

Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, we woke up surprised to find that the sun was finally out and we could head to the beach before breakfast for a mobility and activation circuit. (We know that sounds like a cheap excuse to go to the beach but the sand really is useful for stability exercises.. promise!).

So now, as we write, we’re sitting on our hotel room balcony, sun cream on, enjoying a few rays before going to the hall for our final hit before we play our first match against Canada tomorrow.

After a slow start in Gold Coast, things seem to be looking up.

By Kirsty Gilmour and Eleanor O'Donnell