Badminton Scotland launches Shuttle Mark

Badminton Scotland has launched a new club accreditation programme called Shuttle Mark.

The programme aims to help support clubs in order to develop and strengthen their infrastructure, plan for the future and in turn increase capacity and grow.

Increasing participation and developing coaches, volunteers and workforce, while also having solid plans for the future, are key elements for a successful club and Badminton Scotland want to recognise, support and reward the dedicated volunteers within clubs who are striving to make this happen.

There are three levels to the programme: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Clubs are required to achieve all three levels before being awarded the Shuttle Mark.

As well as a suite of tools, templates and good practice case studies, clubs can also access support from Regional Development Officers (RDOs) to achieve each level.  Once a club has achieved a certain level, they can access certain benefits and rewards.

Badminton Scotland's Development Team has been the driving force behind the programme, drafting up the initial proposal, identifying the requirements and benefits of each level and creating information packs and resources which are available on the new Azolve Go Membership system and the Badminton Scotland website.

Anne Smillie, Chief Executive of Badminton Scotland, said: “Our new Shuttle Mark accreditation programme will aim to support and recognise the efforts and success of badminton clubs across Scotland.

“Having an accreditation framework in place has been effective in developing clubs in many other sports, and we want to give our badminton clubs the chance to experience similar benefits".

Lyndsay Morrison, Coaching & Development Manager of Badminton Scotland, added: "When creating Shuttle Mark our Development Team had many discussions on the reasons why we think clubs would wish to engage with the programme.

"We have attempted to keep it simple with three levels and seven requirements in each area.  For each level completed, clubs will receive a host of benefits.

"The process for clubs aims to be as efficient as possible with clubs optionally applying to join the programme, receiving support from our Regional Development Officers and having the ability to access the Shuttle Mark Toolkit online".

For more information on Shuttle Mark contact Euan Murray, Badminton Scotland Regional Development Officer on 0141 445 1218, email or visit the Shuttle Mark section of our website.