Badminton Scotland sign up to the BWF integrity programme

Badminton Scotland has thrown its weight behind the I Am Badminton campaign at the Scottish Open Grand Prix this week, with stars Adam Hall and Eleanor O’Donnell becoming ambassadors.


The initiative, launched by the BWF two years ago, is about players, coaches, technical officials and administrators working together to protect badminton from threats like doping, match fixing, illegal betting and corruption.


It offers a platform for players to express their love and respect for the sport through their commitment to clean and honest play.


And Badminton Scotland announced its support at the Scottish Open Grand Prix, with Hall and O’Donnell keen to promote a good example.


“I think the I Am Badminton campaign is all about trying to get kids to learn more about doping and match-fixing within badminton,” said Hall.


“It is a great project and we can really raise the profile about why this is not good and why we as athletes try to discourage this as much as possible.


“We as badminton players want the sport to succeed and do the best as possible for the sport.


“I think it is great Badminton Scotland and the BWF are getting involved. It is a really good step forwards to eradicating it."


With the Scottish Open hot on the heels of the World Championships, Scotland has become something of an epicentre of badminton in 2017.


And with over 3,000 children set to watch and take part in activities at the Emirates Arena this week, it is vital to set the right example.


“As a kid, you look up to a lot of people and if you look up to people that are doping and doing things wrong then they will think that’s okay to do,” said O’Donnell.


“In our eyes, it isn’t and we need to teach people this. Growing up in Scotland and Britain, we had a lot of positive role models and that made a difference. We want to do the same.”


Badminton Scotland chief executive Anne Smillie added: “Badminton Scotland is delighted to support the BWF’s Integrity Programme. Doping, match-fixing, illegal betting and corruption are all serious threats to our sport.


“We must all do what we can to protect our sport. Players, fans, administrators and coaches must work together to ensure we have a clean and fair sport.”