The Inaugural Sport Connected Club Conference

The first joint club conference between Scottish Archery and BADMINTONscotland took place on Saturday 16th September. There were 15 participants in attendance from both archery and badminton. From a BADMINTONscotland point of view, joining up with Scottish Archery made perfect sense, as the infrastructure of both archery and badminton in Scotland is at a similar level, and both sports’ governing bodies are trying to achieve similar outcomes. The result of joining forces was open and honest discussions on the similar barriers and issues appearing across both sports. A brilliant networking opportunity yielded some great ideas from the clubs and an opportunity to share learning and experiences.


The keynote speaker was Kevin Fish of Contemporary Club Leaders. Kevin led a session on club governance and developing committees.  He gave tips and advice on recruiting more committee members, sharing the load and making meetings more focused, shorter and more action based.


In the afternoon, the conversation moved on to long-term planning and the importance of having a clear direction as a club. Kevin provided clubs with a quick template plan and a longer, more detailed template plan. These will be available from our club toolkit area of the website.


Ann Ferguson from Volunteer Scotland also delivered a session on PVG responsibilities for clubs. Ann was detailed in her delivery, ensuring that clubs had all the information on what they were legally required to do.  For more information on PVG for clubs, Ann Ferguson can be emailed on or alternatively contact Hannah James


John Craig of Scotstoun Junior Badminton Club said ‘It was a Saturday well spent’.


With thanks to the clubs who took the time out of their weekend to attend to develop their club further, our speakers and Alan Martin from Scottish Archery for collaborating on this project. This will hopefully be the start of an annual Sport Connected partnership conference with archery, and we may look to expand to include other sports.


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