Badminton Scotland to roll out volunteer portal

Many memories were made on and off the courts at last year’s TOTAL BWF World Championships at Glasgow’s Emirates Arena.

One particularly pleasing aspect of the legacy was the incredible level of dedication shown by volunteers and the number of volunteers who have stayed involved in the sport.

Currently, the portal has 923 registered volunteers who are eager to maintain their involvement – or begin to be involved – in the sport.

Managing and recruiting such a large number of people is not an easy task and one of the less visible legacies left behind from Glasgow 2017 is Badminton Scotland's Volunteer Portal, which helps streamline and improve the identification, recruitment and management of volunteers.

In addition to the World Championships, the portal was used to help run the Scottish Open for the past two seasons and Badminton Scotland is now getting ready to make the portal available to clubs and groups throughout the country, to enable them to share in some of the legacy created by the World Championships.

Badminton Scotland's staff have undergone extensive training in order to be able to teach affiliated clubs and groups how to make the most of the Volunteer Portal to recruit and manage volunteers for their own clubs and events – continuing the legacy of growing interest in badminton at a grass roots level in Scotland.

The full rollout of the new wave of training for the portal is scheduled for later this year and full details will be confirmed in due course.

For further information contact sharon@badmintonscotland.org.uk