Grampian Club Workshop

Badminton clubs from around the country travelled to Aberdeen for a workshop aimed at helping them develop and further engage with the community.

Hosted by sportscotland’s local hero award winner Adrienne Hunter at Broadfold House, the event attracted clubs such as the University of Aberdeen Badminton Club, as well as Moravian Badminton Club.

Also present were clubs such as Buchan Archers and Links Archers, with Hunter focussing on the importance of a club’s structure and vision in enabling it to reach the local community and have everyone striving towards the same goals.

Hunter – a highly-regarded coach developer – also covered how to set goals and achieve what your club wants, as well as what they class as success.

A point highlighted by Hunter as a key part in a successful club was having the right people on a committee that can make a positive difference.

Other subjects covered included the pros and cons of different legal structures for clubs, creating links in the community, maximising resources and how to share best practice.

Hunter’s methods involved asking the participants to discuss how their clubs ran and to compare methods with others at the session.

A key activity in the session saw Hunter ask the attendees how they would describe their club, how their members would describe it, and how their partners would describe it.

This technique allowed participants to learn what is happening in their own organisations and to think about and implement a plan for progress.