Leaking Roof Problems for Babolat Midland Open Junior

This weekend’s Babolat Midland Open Junior was cut short because of extensive roof leaks at the Lynch Centre in Dundee.

Saturday became a problem when we lost two of the eight courts, resulting in cutting the games in the level doubles to 15 points and cancelling the consolation games in these events. We did however manage to complete the adjusted schedule by 8pm. It was a long day for us all.

We thought things could only get better on the Sunday and played all age groups of the Mixed Doubles through to the finals despite having 2 courts out of action again.

Then disaster struck as we lost another two courts and struggled on with some of the Singles semi-finals but when it came to only having one court left to play on it was with great regret that we decided we would have to abandon the competition as there were still another 30 matches to play.

The organisers would like to thank all competitors and parents for their patience and understanding over the weekend and hope they will continue to support this event.

Joanna Flockhart (Tournament Referee)