YONEX Scottish National Championships 2018: Economic Impact Study

At this year's Scottish Nationals, all those in attendance will be invited to take part in an Economic Impact Study into the event conducted by a student of Strathclyde University.

The survey is available for completion online at https://stirling.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/visitor-survey and a plain language statement outlining the aims of the survey is available for download here.

This can be completed during your time at the event or anytime after you have attended.

Physical forms will also be available from the ticket desk at Bell's Sports Centre on each day of the event. These can be completed on the day and returned to those at the ticket desk.

Your participation in this study would be greatly appreciated. The results will help us to understand how the event affects the local area and will help to ensure that it keeps returning to Perth year after year. It will also help to ensure that we keep receiving support for the event from the local area to run this fantastic event.