St Dominic's Primary School Looking Forward to Some Badminton Fun

The third primary school to receive a school kit bag from BADMINTONscotland is St Dominic’s Primary School in Airdrie.  On Tuesday 15th May, BADMINTONscotland  regional development officer, Euan Murray travelled to St Dominic’s to deliver the kit bag alongside  a coaching session to give the teachers some ideas of how best to use it.  This bag will help with their new after-school badminton club which will start in the school next week.

The kit bags contain everything that you would need to set up a badminton club – shuttles, rackets and nets.

St Dominic’s Primary School attended the Big Hit Festival during the Badminton World Championships at the Emirates arena last August. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience, getting to see the fast-paced elite-level badminton, before getting to grips with some badminton skills of their own.

There will be more schools in future receiving kit bags to help improve the opportunities of children who may otherwise not get the chance to try badminton.