Entering tournaments

Please note, players should not enter more than one tournament held on the same day, unless they have sought (and received) permission from the organisers of both tournaments. This applies to Scottish players playing in tournaments held outside Scotland as well as in domestic Scottish tournaments.

Additionally, players should advise Morag McCulloch if playing in a tournament outside Scotland and have not been entered by BADMINTONscotland. A link should also be sent to Morag of these results.

All tournament players in Scotland now have an ID number to allow BADMINTONscotland to implement the new Scottish ranking system on tournament software.

BADMINTONscotland's player database, containing individual ID numbers for all players who have entered a sanctioned tournament in Scotland, can be downloaded here.

The ranking lists give the total number of points awarded to each player, then selects the best 6 to count towards the ranking list for each discipline. There is also an age filter built in.

For seeding in level doubles and mixed events, the 6 tournament total for each player shall be added together. Rankings for tournaments shall be taken from the ranking lists 3 weeks previous to the week number of the event.

At Senior tournaments only Nationals, Grade A and Grade B tournaments require to be seeded - Grade C does not.

As we continue to implement the change in age group classification and transition to a yearly tournament calendar (January till December) rather than the current seasonal calendar (August till July), it has been decided that ranking points awarded to each grade of tournament will be consistent throughout the year. This replaces our previous policy of awarding different points for tournaments held from August until December, compared to tournaments held from January to July.

A new set of ranking points will be published from January 2020 onwards.

For information about ranking points allocated to each event click here.

Please also note that no ranking points will be awarded to an event with less than 4 players or pairs competing.

For U11 and U12 age group tournaments, in the event that a particular event (for example girls’ singles) receives less than 4 entries, tournament organisers are advised to consider combining boys’ and girls’ in a mixed gender event. Mixed gender events at U11 and U12 age groups will receive the same ranking points as single gender events.

View ranking lists for all age groups in Scotland.

As before there are specific persons appointed to oversee the seedings for events who have been informed that the ranking lists should be used for seeding and only under exceptional circumstances should there be any deviation from the lists. The appointed persons’ details are shown below:

For Senior Ranking Tournaments and U19 Ranking Tournaments:  
Mr Robert Blair
0141 445 1218

For all other Junior Ranking Tournaments :
Mr Douglas Walker email
01968 677244

For Masters (non-ranking) Tournaments: 
Mr Dan Travers
Chairperson Masters Selection Committee
07801 793038

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