Increasing participation, developing coaches, volunteers and workforce whilst having solid plans for the future are key to a club’s success. Badminton Scotland wants to recognise, support and reward the dedicated volunteers within clubs striving to make this happen.

The aim of the programme is to help support clubs to develop and strengthen their infrastructure, plan for the future and in turn increase capacity and grow.

There are 3 levels to the accreditation programme: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Clubs are required to achieve all requirements before being awarded the Shuttlemark.

As well as a suite of tools, templates and good practice case studies, clubs can also access support from Regional Development Officers (RDOs) to achieve each level.  Once a club has achieved a certain level, there are benefits and rewards that can be accessed.

For more information, download the Shuttlemark Information Pack here.

To have a look at the Shuttlemark Action plan, click here.

Shuttlemark Inclusive Disability Charter (SIDC)

As more clubs open and more coaches are trained, the new SIDC will increase the accessibility and inclusivity, encouraging growing numbers of people to get involved.

Clubs who are interested in the scheme can apply if they are Shuttlemark Bronze, Silver or Gold accredited, and fulfil a set criteria to become a SIDC club, with support available to clubs from their Regional Development Officer.

Once accredited, clubs will have access to a series of rewards, including training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), working alongside partners such as Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) to maximise best practice in disability badminton in Scotland.

For more information, please download the SIDC Information Pack here.

Find a full list of clubs who have achieved Shuttlemark and SIDC here.

Watch Lothian Disability Badminton Club’s video on the SIDC created by Ross Foley.

Download Club Accreditation Documents

To download the club accreditation documents, click on the appropriate level below:

How to Upload Documents

Read our flowchart on how to upload club accreditation documents onto Go Membership here

What do our clubs and coaches say about Shuttlemark?

“This is an excellent initiative from Badminton Scotland and something the club was very keen to get involved in. A good benchmark for the club and ensures we set standards and hopefully maintain them before moving on and trying for Gold. We are always learning as a club and have benefited from this process, understanding where we had gaps and where we needed to strengthen our delivery. We have enjoyed many years of success at the club and now need to push on and make sure we give even more disabled players an opportunity to get involved with our great sport.”

“Badminton Scotland’s Shuttlemark has encouraged and inspired LDBC to look at its delivery and standards as well as its responsibilities towards its members. Achieving both Bronze and Silver has been a big boost and we are keen to continue to develop our opportunities and quality of offer to our membership and workforce.”

“Shuttlemark helped us focus on direct areas of importance and priority. timescales are a good way of keeping the club focused and on track. we appreciate Badminton Scotland’s support with the process and found it very helpful that we were and are able to contact our local RDO for further support and direction. our committee has clearly defined roles and everyone is aware of roles which helped in order to have people in positions and going forward.”

“Positive feedback includes a pop-up banner, which has allowed us to promote our club at events and thereby, increasing our profile. The majority of the needed documents were in place already before becoming accredited but it is useful for clubs who do not have it in place. Shuttlemark helped map out who is responsible for roles – e.g.  GDPR…., and prompted volunteers to undertake new roles. We are keen to try increase provision for those with physical disabilities.”

‘’Badminton Scotland provides great guidance, and we would recommend other clubs to work through the bronze, silver and gold award as it is extremely beneficial to players, coaches and organisers involved with club level badminton.’’

“Shuttlemark provided a great framework to ensure EBA’s foundations are completely solid. the templates and guidance provided by Badminton Scotland were not only informative but very thorough. our policy and strategy improved massively as we progressed through the award and we feel our members and coaches are seeing the benefit of this already. it made us consider things we may not have done previously. our child protection and well-being policy in particular has been made more user friendly and practical as we realised that 99% of all child protection policy is written for adults. we needed to adapt ours so children have a clear understanding that their views should be respected and how to tell us if something is wrong.’’

“We would thoroughly recommend the BadmintonScotland accreditation programme. We found it very useful and very straightforward to work through the process. Our RDO was very helpful and the templates allowed us to ensure any gaps we had were filled. We are looking forward to working through to get our Silver award.”

“We are a long-established club which is keen to develop and integrate with local/regional/national structures. By successfully attaining and promoting our accreditation, Shuttlemark has enabled us to increase opportunities for young badminton players. Adhering to the benchmarks and accessing the support and guidance from our RDO has been massively helpful in guiding us to effectively engage new partners and more local young players with the club. We now aspire to achieve the next level of accreditation and having benchmarks and support gives us further opportunity to develop further”.

“As a newly formed club we found the Shuttlemark accreditation very useful in a number of aspects. Firstly, it provides a framework and a structure for clubs to align themselves too. It made us consider aspects that we hadn’t necessarily prioritised previously and overall, made us a more professional outfit than we had been previously. Being able to demonstrate that we are an accredited club also provides assurances and confidence to the players and parents of our club that the club is well run and is a safe and supportive environment for badminton.”

“Glenearn Badminton is a well established and ambitious club with a long and proud history. Our club continually seeks to review and improve our collective output. Participating in Badminton Scotland’s Shuttlemark scheme offered our club a fantastic opportunity to take stock of elements relating to governance, membership, facilities, finances and promotion. Utilising the scheme helped to channel our focus and having achieved the Silver Shuttlemark allows our club to display the logo by way of endorsement”

“As a university club, the Shuttlemark accreditation scheme has been a great way to consolidate the governance structure and resources that we already have in place, whilst building on areas such as future planning and external promotion. In essence, it is a great opportunity to identify areas for improvement and set up structures for future success!

Working towards the awards has been a great way for the committee to collaborate together, recognise our successes, and build a stronger relationship with Badminton Scotland. For universities – you’ll be surprised about how much of the criteria your club will already have in place, and the support you’ll receive from the university in pursuing the award!”