Child Protection

Badminton Scotland is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children in its care.  We recognise the responsibility to promote safe practice and to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation.

Badminton Scotland believes that all members, clubs and associations have a responsibility to help protect young people and incorporate good practice as an essential element to ensure that this happens.

It is a stated benefit of affiliation to Badminton Scotland that our members can access the services of Disclosure Scotland.

Should you require any further information, have concerns about the welfare of a child or wish to discuss any of the information outlined, please contact one of Badminton Scotland Child Wellbeing & Protection Officers:

Rita Yuan Gao

Nicky Waterson

If you have an immediate concern about the safety of a child or young person, you should contact the police on 101 or 999You can also contact your local social work department Social Work Departments Contact Information.

  1. Appointed a named contact to co-ordinate child protection within Badminton Scotland who has attended the Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS) and the Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer (CWPO) courses.
  2. Adopted a Child Protection Policy at board level within Badminton Scotland.
  3. Identified any risks to children participating in our activities.
  4. Ensured all adults working with children in Badminton Scotland sign up to a Code of Conduct for working with children.
  5. Supported all adults working with children in Badminton Scotland to attend Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS) or other basic child protection awareness workshops.
  6. Adopted and used an effective ‘recruitment and selection’ procedure to make sure new staff/volunteers have been carefully considered and vetted to do regulated work with children.
  7. Adopted ‘responding to concerns’ procedures to ensure that staff/volunteers get the appropriate help for a child or challenge the inappropriate conduct of any adults within Badminton Scotland.
  8. Adopted a ‘disciplinary’ procedure to ensure Badminton Scotland can deal with any inappropriate conduct or child abuse and, if necessary, refer any individual to Disclosure Scotland for consideration on the Children’s List.
  9. Adopted a procedure to review any child protection concerns which have arisen to ensure procedures are followed and appropriate action taken in the best interests of the child.
  10. Adopted ‘Safe in Care’ guidelines that are appropriate to Badminton Scotland’s activities, e.g. trips away from home, physical contact, adult to child ratios, ICT and social media.

Child Wellbeing

If you are concerned that a child or adult is at an immediate risk of harm, please contact the police on 101 or 999 without delay.

Wellbeing is broader than child protection and how we tend to think about welfare.

To help make sure everyone – children, young people, parents, and the services that support them – has a common understanding of what wellbeing means, wellbeing is described in terms of eight indicators.

The eight wellbeing indicators are commonly referred to by their initial letters – SHANARRI (Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included). See graphic below

Badminton Scotland will play our part to promote, support and safeguard children and young people’s wellbeing.

Safeguarding and Wellbeing | Safeguarding and Wellbeing | Badminton Scotland

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Safeguarding and Wellbeing | Safeguarding and Wellbeing | Badminton Scotland