Badminton Scotland’s Engagement Team already work with a number of partners across Scotland, to develop opportunities for Primary and Secondary pupils to participate in quality badminton activities. However, we are always happy to look at new opportunities to allow more Scottish school pupils and HE/FE students to enjoy the benefits that come with playing Badminton. We believe that badminton offers fantastic all round physical activity as well as introducing many skills used in everyday life such as listening and communication skills, working within a team, sportsmanship and many others.

If you have any further questions regarding any of the information featured in the schools section please contact our Engagement Team at or submit an enquiry via our contact form (below) putting school/college/university name in the subject line. To utilise any resources, schools must be affiliated to Badminton Scotland. For information on how to affiliate, click here.

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Early Years Workshop

This workshop is based on our Early Years Resource which focuses on learning through games and racket skills.  It is aimed at nursery and early years primary school teachers, staff, learning assistants and parents. It focuses on fun activities, which will help teachers meet the criteria in the 4 significant aspects of learning for physical education.  The activities are split into 5 sections:

  • Movement & Balance
  • Tracking & Collecting
  • Using Objects
  • Striking
  • Working Together

Primary CPD Workshops

This workshop includes content taken from a blend of resources including our Curriculum for Excellence Primary Badminton Level 1 & 2 Resource. Our aim is to provide primary staff with the content and confidence to deliver badminton within their school, with staff feeling equipped to deliver fun, safe & inclusive badminton activities. From completing the workshop staff receive resources and a certificate of attendance.

Big Hit Festivals

This festival format was first piloted on 10th May 2016 at the Sir Craig Reedie Centre with 3 Renfrew schools (150 pupils over 5 courts). In comparison with the previous Play Badminton Festivals and Sportshall Challenges, the Big Hit Festivals offer additional opportunities including parallel teacher CPD (including new resources), Young Sport Leader training & delivery and College/University student mentoring opportunities. Furthermore, the ratio of pupils to court has increased with the activities being designed to cater for a maximum of 30 pupils per court.

Young Sport Leaders (YSL) Award

A 6 hour course geared towards educating Secondary school pupils on how to coach, how to organise festivals and how to officiate/organise competitions. Pupils who complete this are then able to assist in the delivery of Big Hit Festivals. From completing the course, pupils will have the opportunity to progress via various pathways into coaching, officiating, volunteering and gain skills that can be used across other sports and aspects of life.

Secondary CPD Workshops

This workshop is made up of content taken from our S1-S3 Resource and S4-S6 PE Workbook.  This workshop provides staff with fundamentals including grips, serving, hitting skills, predictable/unpredictable routines and conditioned games.  The workshop also looks at factors that can impact on performance.  From completing the workshop staff receive resources and a certificate of attendance.


Badminton Scotland offers a range of resources stretching from Nursery/Early Years to College & University Students. The resource ranges from links and videos to BWF’s Shuttle Time, Curriculum for Excellence Primary Level 1 & 2, coaching courses such as Badminton Basics and/or our Young Sports Leaders.

Learn to Play

Badminton Scotland’s Learn to Play Award Scheme is a skill based programme which focuses on the technical progression of players at key stages in their playing development.

All affiliated members of Badminton Scotland, including clubs, coaches, schools, universities, and individual members will be able to use this resource to teach players the correct techniques and movements to enable them to progress and learn badminton.

If you are interested in finding out more about which resources would be relevant for your School/HE/FE, please contact our Engagement Team below. Additionally for Schools, Colleges, Universities, if you have any further queries please contact your Regional Development Officer or Engagement Team on 0141 445 1218 or send us a message:

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