What is Learn to Play?

Badminton Scotland’s Learn to Play Award Scheme is a skill based programme which focuses on the technical progression of players at key stages in their playing development.

All affiliated members of Badminton Scotland, including clubs, coaches, schools, universities, and individual members will be able to use this resource to teach players the correct techniques and movements to enable them to progress and learn badminton.

Ultimately, Learn to Play provides the knowledge and foundation for a practical and fun pathway of opportunities for everyone to participate in badminton, at whatever level they aspire to.

The resource will be available shortly to affiliated Badminton Scotland clubs and members on BrightSpace.

We are currently looking for anyone who might want to pilot the Learn to Play programme. Please register your interest by emailing nicky@badmintonscotland.org.uk 

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How can I/we use the materials?

The coloured booklets on the pathway (see diagram below) progress through basic to more advanced techniques, skills and movements; from how to hold a racket correctly, serving, shot techniques, to footwork patterns and court movements.

Each skill, technique and movement is clearly outlined within the booklets, including an explanation on preparation and coaching points. There are photos and videos (linked to YouTube) for each drill, which will help participants, coaches, teachers and the assessor visualise what you are being asked to do.

Measuring success and progression

On completion of each booklet (from white to pink), the participant will be assessed on each task.

At the end of each booklet there is an assessment where the assessor will mark actions observed/completed.

On passing, the participant will be awarded a certificate which is available for download on Brightspace.

We also encourage those who pass each stage of the pathway to purchase a Learn to Play Badminton Scotland T-shirt to show your progression throughout the programme and as an incentive for individuals/clubs/groups to continue along the pathway.

Find out more

If you have any questions regarding Learn to Play please contact our Engagement Team at nicky@badmintonscotland.org.uk or submit an enquiry via our contact form (below) putting your name/school/college/university name in the subject line.

To utilise the Learn to Play resources, you must be affiliated to Badminton Scotland. Find out more information on how to affiliate.

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