Why Your Club Needs To Affiliate?

Club Affiliation is important as it ensures your club is operating safely and has the correct level of insurance cover.

  • You will have £10,000,000 of public liability insurance
  • You will have £2,000,000 of abuse insurance cover
  • You will have access to safeguarding policies, free PVG checks and specialist advice

Please note: Public sport facilities may decline bookings from clubs who do not have sufficient public liability insurance cover and policies in place. Only club members who are fully registered on JustGo are eligible for public liability cover.

Why Do All Club Members Need To Join Our Individual Membership?

  • Insurance for Badminton Scotland Club affiliation only covers the club
  • Your members need to join Badminton Scotland’s Individual Membership to be personally covered

This gives them protection of up to £10,000,000 of Public Liability cover resulting in injury to third party person or damage to third party property which they are legally obliged to pay whilst they are engaged in badminton activities.

Individual Membership also means they can play in Badminton Scotland events and benefit from full annual travel insurance for any badminton training or events where travelling overnight or by flight.

Club Benefits

  • Use of JustGo to manage club administration and access to JustGo Club+
  • Discounted coach education courses and badminton basics training
  • PVG administration, support and advice
  • Minimum 15% discount on selected products (VICTOR clothing, badminton kit) on our website
  • Promotion of your club on Badminton Scotland’s website
  • £3 an hour reduction on court hire at Sir Craig Reedie Badminton Centre
  • Support & advice from the Badminton Scotland team, including your regional development officer
  • Public Liability Cover for club activities
  • Access to Shuttlemark & Pathway Club programmes
  • Entry into Badminton Scotland club competitions

Membership also helps create a wider, more diverse offering for all members, as well as investments in club, player and pathway development, better resources and education.

Club membership costs £55 per year for Junior clubs (under 19s only) and £75 per year for all other clubs.

Existing Clubs

All member clubs must have a valid constitution and if relevant, a child and/or vulnerable adult protection policy in place with Badminton Scotland. Templates are available below in the Document Templates & Guidance section.

New Clubs

If you are a new club (including associations, community providers, sport centres)  and wish to register, please complete this form, and your local regional development officer will be in touch to help you get set up. Please note if you wish to register your school(s), please see here

To access our membership system, please click the logo below:

For guides, tutorials and support with JustGo, head to our Membership Information page.

Document Templates & Guidance


If you have any queries, please contact us.