Membership Information

Information and guides to help you affiliate to Badminton Scotland.

Membership Information


There are a range of different membership options available to clubs, coaches and individuals. Learn about the different affiliation options here.

Reaffiliation toolkit:

We have put together a number of resources to help make the reaffiliation process as simple as possible for club secretaries, coaches and individuals. If you have any questions about membership, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing David at

JustGo Club Resources and Guides:

Click on the relevant guide (PDF) below for detailed information on how to use the JustGo Membership system.

  1. JustGo Club Sign-up Guide
  2. JustGo Payment Setup
  3. JustGo for Clubs Membership Setup User Guide

Interactive webinar resources:

  1. JustGo for Clubs activation
  2. Payment Setup
  3. Membership set up
  4. Email Management set up