What Is Individual Membership?

Whether you enjoy playing socially with friends, are part of a community initiative or a regular club player… Badminton Scotland’s Individual Membership is for everyone.

What Does Individual Membership Cover?

By becoming an Individual Member of Badminton Scotland you are protected against claims made against you for which you are legally liable resulting from any injury to a third party person or damage to third party property.

  • The cover level we have in place is up to £10,000,000 any one occurrence.

My Club Is Affiliated, Do I Still Need An Individual Membership?

Badminton Scotland Club affiliation only covers the club. Members need to join Badminton Scotland’s Individual Membership to be personally covered.

  • This gives them protection of up to £10,000,000 of Public Liability cover resulting in injury to third party person or damage to third party property which they are legally obliged to pay whilst they are engaged in badminton activities.

Other Benefits

  • Discounted and subsidy support places on coaching courses & workshops
  • Early access/discounts on Badminton Scotland event tickets
  • 20% discount across Badminton Scotland website
  • Play in Badminton Scotland events
  • Full annual travel insurance for any badminton training or events where you are travelling overnight or by flight
  • Helps create a wider, more diverse offering for all members, as well as investments in club, player and pathway development, better resources and education.

We need to improve and grow our clubs and community so that we can increase the accessibility and range of local competitions and opportunities available.

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  • Annual membership costs £10 for juniors (under 19s) and £15 for adults which works out as just over £1 per month.


  1. Badminton Scotland Performance Squad players do not have to sign up as their annual membership is included in their monthly charges.
  2. To encourage players to enter their first competition, we offer a FREE one-month Trial Membership.

Sign up for Membership


  • Entry into appropriate Badminton Scotland sanctioned tournaments.
  • Priority access to tickets for major events, such as the Scottish National Championships and Scottish Open.
  • Discount on selected VICTOR products from our online shop.
  • Public Liability Insurance.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.

Individual Membership is not just about the personal benefits. You’re helping the growth of our sport across Scotland.

Badminton is played in every community across Scotland and your membership allows us to grow the sport. For example:

  • Provide opportunities for players to compete at all levels, ages and abilities.
  • Our safeguarding and wellbeing processes (Children 1st, PVG, etc.) ensures everyone involved in badminton contributes to the delivery of a safe, inclusive and welcoming sport.
  • Coach education, including training for school teachers and volunteers, to give everyone the opportunity to play badminton and much more.