Organising a Tournament

Organising a Tournament

We have developed a useful guide for tournament organisers to follow when organising junior events. Download the guide here.

Sanction your event

Badminton Scotland have an extensive tournament calendar, and therefore we request that if you would like to organise a tournament, you apply to us to sanction that tournament. This means we can ensure the portfolio of tournaments and events in Scotland is put together in a structured and logical way, allowing us to avoid potential clashes which could harm the size of entry to your tournament. If you would like to request sanction for your tournament in Season 2017/18, please download the Tournament Sanction form, complete it and return it to Badminton Scotland. 

If you would like to discuss possible dates for your tournament before applying for sanction, contact us:

0141 445 1218


Badminton Scotland dates for National and International competition in season 2017/2018

Scottish National Masters Championships                          14-15 October 2017

Scottish Open Grand Prix                                                 22-26 November 2017

Scottish National Championships (U15/19)                         16-17 December 2017

Scottish International Masters Championships                     19-21 January 2018

Scottish National Championships                                        2-4 February 2018

Scottish National Junior Championships (U13/17)                 7-8 April 2018

Scottish National Junior Championships (U11)                     12 May 2018

Three weekends will once again be reserved for Restricted Tournaments during season 2017-2018. No "Open" tournaments will be scheduled during these weeks so you are asked to consider holding restricted tournaments at these times. Other dates may, however, be sanctioned as in previous seasons. The three reserved weekends:

  • week ending 15 October 2017
  • week ending 19 November 2017
  • week ending 18 February 2018


Establish the Seeds for your tournament

Once you have received all the entries to your tournament you will need to establish which players should be seeded. To do this, please contact the following appointed persons:

For Senior Ranking Tournaments and U19 Ranking Tournaments: 
Mr Tat Meng Wong
National Head Coach
0141 445 1218
For all other Junior Ranking Tournaments:
Mr Douglas Walker
01968 677244
For Masters (non-ranking) Tournaments:
Mr Dan Travers
Chairperson Masters Selection Committee
07801 793038


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