Entries and draws for the 2020 European U15 Championships

The players who are selected to travel, with coach, Andy Bowman, are as follows (listed alphabetically)


Katrina Chan      (Glasgow)

Ishbel McCallister (Edinburgh)

Vibha Raman (Edinburgh)

Brooke Stalker (Dunfermline)



Lewis Coghill (Glasgow)

Joe Esson (Glasgow)

James Miller (Edinburgh)

Matthew Waring (Motherwell)


The nominated non-travelling reserves are Iona Muir and Godfrey Antomarlin.


Under tournament regulations, we are entitled to make the following entries (though no player can play in more than 2 events):


Men’s Singles                    2

Women’s Singles             2

Men’s Doubles                 2 pairs (4 players)

Women’s Doubles           2 pairs (4 players)

Mixed Doubles                 2 pairs (4 players)



MS:                      Matthew Waring

                            Lewis Coghill

WS:                      Brooke Stalker

                             Katrina Chan

MD:                       Matthew Waring / Lewis Coghill

                             Joe Esson / James Miller 


WD:                       Vibha Raman / Brooke Stalker

                              Katrina Chan / Ishbel McCalllister

XD:                        Joe Esson / Vibha Raman

                              James Miller / Ishbel McCallister