Sponsorship and Partners

Badminton Scotland works with a number of partners on major sporting events and we are actively seeking sponsorship.

Sponsorship & Partners

Badminton Scotland is in partnership with a number of organisations.  These Partners work with us to deliver our development programmes and events.  These Partners include sponsors and we are actively looking for new sponsors to work with.

Sponsors & Partners

Badminton Scotland recognises that the difference between being a Sponsor and a Partner can be very hard to recognise.  We work with and are looking for sponsors who share our vision for the badminton in Scotland.  Our partners usually have common goals, particularly in the areas of physical & mental health and community cohesion.


The Benefits of Sponsoring Badminton Scotland include:

  • Media recognition through a range of online and offline communications
  • Display at broadcast events
  • Access to Badminton Scotland membership, both clubs and individuals
  • Involvement in our partnership programmes
  • Product placement and co-promotional activities

The Benefits of being a Partner with Badminton Scotland include:

  • Development of programmes that fit partner objectives
  • Access to a sport that is accessible, widely played and part of communities in Scotland
  • The ability to develop tailored activities
  • Access to experienced Development Officers and volunteers
  • Online and offline resources, courses and activities

Interested in Sponsoring or Partnering with Badminton Scotland?