Women & Girls | Equality, Diversity & Inclusion | Badminton Scotland

We know that sports participation rates in Scotland are still significantly lower in women than they are for men, and this ‘gender gap’ starts incredibly young. Girls’ participation in sport drops markedly as they move into their teenage years. We also know that in 2017, around 40% of sport coaches in Scotland were women, and half as many women volunteer for sport & exercise organisations as men. 

“Women experience greater time poverty and have less access to resources for expensive fees, clothing, and equipment than men. Male-dominated sporting cultures, sexual harassment and abuse in sports venues, a lack of appropriate facilities, negative or limited experiences of PE, and related self-esteem and body issues result in girls and women dropping out of sport.” – Engender 

Badminton Scotland want to provide equitable opportunities for women and girls to participate and excel across all areas of badminton. We are committed to working in partnership with organisations and initiatives that empower women in sport.