Badminton Scotland Awards

A big thank you to everyone who nominated in our 2023 Awards. Nominations are now closed!

With many nominations for volunteers, clubs, coaches and players, we look forward to reading about all the great people who make a difference.

These individuals have been recognised by our community as people who are truly at the heart of growing and developing Scottish badminton.

Due to the number of votes for our disability players, we are introducing a Disability Athlete(s) of the Year Award for 2023.

Thank you again to everyone who voted – we will be in touch with those shortlisted on Monday 11 September.


After the success of our inaugural awards in 2022, we want to continue to celebrate and recognise the contribution of our incredible players, coaches, volunteers, officials and those who are making a difference to badminton in Scotland.

In 2023 our community has continued to make our sport inclusive and welcoming for all participants and we can’t wait to hear all about those who have gone above and beyond this year.

If you know someone who’s made a positive impact on badminton in their club, school, community or elsewhere, you can fill out our nomination form to recognise their invaluable contribution – it’s a great way to thank someone for all their hard work and dedication, as well as raising the profile of our sport in your club or community.

We will celebrate with winners at an awards ceremony at the Emirates Arena during The Scottish Open on Saturday 7 October 2023.

  • Our categories cover all levels, from school and community sport to high performance, and a whole range of roles which help to make badminton activity happen
  • All nominees must be affiliated to Badminton Scotland
  • All awards are inclusive of players, coaches and volunteers with disabilities or involved with disability clubs and players
  • The closing date for nominations is Friday 1 September 2023.

All information for each category (apart from the lifetime achievement award) must relate to the year of 2022/23.

Across all categories, we are keen for nominees to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Inclusive – proactively addresses barriers
  • Responsive – adapts based on the circumstances of the people around them
  • Person centred – listens and puts people first
  • World class – does everything to the highest standard and always seeks to improve

The criteria for each category are listed below – please read these carefully before submitting a nomination. You may also wish to nominate an individual in more than one category if they meet the criteria, but you will need to submit a separate form for each.

This award will be presented to a coach, official, volunteer or individual who has made an outstanding contribution to badminton over a long period. The award is aimed at those unsung heroes who may not have a high profile but work tirelessly for the sport of badminton. We’re looking for someone who has…

  • Dedicated a substantial amount of their time into badminton
  • Gone above and beyond what has been asked of them
  • Been a positive role model to others
  • Improved the offering and/or quality of badminton in their club or community

This award will give recognition to a volunteer who has made an invaluable contribution to Badminton within a club, competition or local community. We’re looking for a volunteer who…

  • Considers inclusive practices to remove barriers and reduce inequalities
  • Takes a person-centred approach to understand the needs of others
  • Is a positive role model and inspires others


This award is for an individual that has shown an outstanding commitment to coaching and developing athletes of all ages and abilities. The award is aimed at coaches who work in club and community settings to encourage players to keep improving and participating in badminton. We are looking for a community coach who…

  • Takes regular sessions meeting the needs of all players
  • Helps to remove barriers to participation and reduce inequalities
  • Takes time to helps player develop skills and build confidence
  • Is a positive role model and inspires others


This award is for an individual that has shown an outstanding commitment to coaching and further development of athletes in their sport. The award is aimed at coaches working with players and groups of players who have made a significant improvement in this year or over a period of years. We’re looking for a community coach who…

  • Has supported and demonstrated valued performance sport behaviours within their coaching
  • Builds relationships with their players and the team around them
  • Has invested time into their own development
  • Is a positive role model and inspires others

Senior (players over 19 years of age)

This award is for an individual (or pair) who have displayed outstanding performances and/or significant improvement.


This award will celebrate a junior player (or pair) that have displayed outstanding performances and/or improvements.

This award recognises a Badminton club that has made a significant contribution to the development of our sport in their local community. We’re looking for a club that…

  • Helps to remove barriers and reduce inequalities
  • Takes time to understand and build confidence within their players
  • Holds regular sessions to meet the needs of all participants
  • Has spent time working on initiatives within their local community
  • Considers the wider impact of badminton to their local area

At the discretion of the President, this award will recognise a team or particular individual who has gone above and beyond, showing dedication and commitment developing our sport in Scotland.


Here you can find more information about the awards and nomination process.

We have a simple nomination form (coming soon) to make the process quick and easy to complete.

You can find out more about each award and what we’re looking for in the categories above – this should help you decide which category is the best fit for the person/club you would like to nominate.

Yes, but you will need to complete a separate form. This is because the criteria vary between categories, so you will need to tailor your nomination to each category.

The information you provide must relate to the year 2022/23, as this is the timeframe we are basing the awards on. The one exception is for lifetime achievement nominations, which should refer to the individual’s overall career and contribution.

In the nomination form, you will need to provide the following information. All fields are compulsory. You may wish to write your 400 word nomination before starting, then copy and paste it into the form.

  • Which award category does this nomination relate to
  • Name of individual/coach/club being nominated (the person you are nominating)
  • Email address of the person you are nominating (or best contact)
  • Referring to the award criteria, please outline why the nominee should win this award (up to 400 words)
  • Name and email of nominator (your own details)

It’s important that in your nomination you refer to the criteria (listed for the relevant category on this page). The sift group and judges will be referring to these criteria when shortlisting and selecting winners.

You won’t be able to save your progress in the form, however the form is simple, so it won’t take long to complete. You may wish to write your 400 word nomination first and then copy and paste into the form.

It’s a good idea to let the nominee know so you can be sure they’re happy to be nominated. Once nominations have closed, we will contact all nominees to confirm they are happy to be considered for the award.

All nominations will be assessed by a ‘sift’ conducted by a select panel who will create a shortlist. Judges will then make the final decision on winners for each category. Information will only be viewed by the sift panel and judges and managed in accordance with Badminton Scotland’s privacy and data protection policies.

Once submitting the form, you will see a confirmation message with a copy of your answers if you wish to keep this for reference. If you need to check anything about the nomination at a later date, please contact

After the closing date, we will contact nominees to let them know that they have been nominated for an award, and to confirm that they are happy to be considered. This does not necessarily mean that they have or haven’t been shortlisted or selected as a winner, but we hope that they will appreciate the recognition. We will then be in touch with winners at a later date.

We will celebrate with winners at an awards ceremony at the Emirates Arena during The Scottish Open on Saturday 7 October 2023.

Winners and guests will be contacted directly with more information. Winners will also be profiled and celebrated on the Badminton Scotland website and social media channels.

Please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Badminton Scotland Awards

  • Derrick Roarty Lifetime Achievement: Hugh Ainsley
  • Volunteer of the Year: David Gillespie
  • Community Coach of the Year: Angela Bell
  • Performance Coach of the Year: Karen Stalker
  • Junior Performance Athlete(s) of the Year: Matthew Waring
  • Senior Performance Athlete(s) of the Year: Adam Hall & Julie MacPherson
  • Disability Athlete of the Year: Lewis Carson
  • Club of the Year: Glenearn Badminton Club
  • President’s Award: Dan Travers
  • Morag McCulloch: Derrick Roarty Lifetime Achievement
  • John Craig: Volunteer of the Year
  • Jill Smith: Community Coach of the Year
  • Julie Hogg: Performance Coach of the Year
  • Iona Muir: Junior Performance Athlete of the Year
  • Adam Hall & Julie MacPherson: Senior Performance Athletes of the Year
  • Aberdeen Badminton Club: Club of the Year
  • Dundee Nomads Badminton Club: President’s Award