‘Club+’ is a feature of the JustGo membership system which gives club secretaries greater admin access & makes managing club details, member information, club affiliation to Badminton Scotland, as well as other administrative tasks much easier.

Clubs are also able to easily analyse their members’ data via downloadable reports and have the ability to create their own fully branded website, using JustGo.

There is also a “Rewards” benefit, provided by a 3rd party. This benefit provides financial discounts and other offers from major retailers that will more than pay for the additional individual and club affiliations. By introducing this, clubs can generate their own income and reward their members with discounts.

Membership Management and Communications

  • Viewing all your member’s data in one secure area, accessible only to those who fill member administrative roles at your club.
  • Create and manage your own branded memberships, catering to single members or entire families who play with your club.
  • Access to personalised messaging, which you can use to reach all or certain club members via JustGo.
  • New member alerts which will ensure you never miss when a new member requests to join your club.
  • Automated emails that trigger when specific requirements are met, i.e. when a member’s fees are overdue or when a membership is about to expire.
  • Confidence that the information that you have on your members is GDPR compliant

Event & Course Management

  • Access to all-inclusive event & course management, allowing you to create event information pages of any kind as well as ‘event templates’ which can be saved and re-used for future event pages.
  • Smart purchasing, where you can apply discount, restriction and surcharge rules to ticket purchases.
  • Upsell products alongside event tickets, increasing revenue.

Control of Online Finances

  • The system upgrade will enable you collect your members’ club fees directly via JustGo, by setting up membership option/s linked to your club, as well as apply discount, subscription & payment instalment options where you wish.
  • Access to your finance dashboard to account for all payments made to your club and easily update payment information.
  • All payments made on JustGo are secure and instantaneous, saving you having to handle money or making trips to the bank.
  • Complete or partial refunds can be applied to any purchases made by members.