The launch of Badminton Scotland’s individual membership marks a milestone in the development and modernisation of our sport, focusing on investment, growth and improving the structure of Scotland’s Badminton clubs and communities.

With community at the heart of our updated 2022 / 2027 strategy, the introduction of an individual membership is key and means we can begin to improve coaching, competitions, education and overall performance for not only players, but the badminton community as a whole.

In addition to the personal benefits the membership will be supporting the wider development of the sport in Scotland. It will allow us to provide additional support to the other Groups / Associations with their league competitions by promoting these so that we can create a co-ordinated and well-structured competition framework across the whole country.

We want to help local clubs and organisations promote what they are doing and make more people aware of the opportunities to get involved. As a small team of staff at Badminton Scotland, we can only do so much and we need to work closely with the clubs and local associations to add more value for their players.