Online entries are required for all senior international tournaments, and the vast majority of junior international tournaments (ultimately all junior internationals). Find out how to enter here.

Only the governing body can make international tournament entries and so all requested entries should be sent in writing to in advance of any tournament closing date. Tournament closing dates can be found on the BWF website and a note of entries should be made to Penny no later than 24 hours prior to the closing date.

If a player is entering any doubles events, their partners must also confirm the matching entries in writing.

All players wishing to enter internationals must have a BWF number. If you are unsure whether or not you have a number, you can check by accessing the BWF website (, selecting “Fans Website”, followed by “Players”; then under “Country” select Scotland in the drop down menu. You can then check by surname to ascertain if you are listed – if you have a number your name/Scottish flag will be shown, though no number is listed. If you do not have a BWF number, email to apply for one (this is a fairly quick process).

It is important to note the following, which clearly explains your responsibility in regard to tournament entries:

International Tournament Entries: responsibilities

As indicated above, Badminton Scotland, as Governing Body, makes entries to individual tournaments for players who are self-funded. The following applies to these entries:

Players are responsible for:

  • ensuring they are affiliated to Badminton Scotland – entries will only be made for affiliated players;
  • payment of any entry fees, per tournament organisers’ instruction (in advance or on arrival); and making all appropriate travel/accommodation arrangements;
  • arranging visas if necessary;
  • arranging any necessary insurance cover for their trip;
  • agreeing to all tournament conditions and rules; and
  • attending the tournament Team Managers’ meeting
  • ensuring they have read and understood the BWF General Competition regulations, in particular relating to potential fines #; and in relation to BWF’s retention of personal data
  • ensuring they check the BWF website for any tournament cancellations
  • ensuring they check the BWF website regarding clothing regulations

Players also should agree to Badminton Scotland signing any tournament documentation on their behalf as and when required.

If a player has to withdraw from a tournament, they should advise Badminton Scotland immediately; in turn Badminton Scotland will be responsible for making the appropriate withdrawal(s). In the event of a player requesting a late withdrawal from a tournament, they will be responsible for any fine sent to the Governing Body. This fine will be sent to the player with the requirement to make full settlement to the tournament organisers within 14 days of any request for payment. Separately if you withdraw even 5 minutes after the closing date, you are always liable for the entry fee for that event.

Please note that for all international tournaments, BWF regulation 5.8 applies: No alterations, except withdrawal, can be made to the entries after the close of entries until the draw has been made.

Similarly, where a player is in breach of any BWF regulation resulting in a fine being levied, that player will be responsible for any fine sent to the Governing Body.

Where a player has been requested to pay an entry fee on arrival at a given tournament and fails to do so, resulting in the Governing Body receiving an invoice, said player will be required to pay to the Governing Body the cost of the entry fee, the cost of any bank transfer charges arising in settling the account and an administrative charge.

BWF regulations dictate that attendance at certain Team Managers’ meetings is mandatory: non-attendance at these meetings may result in a fine being levied to the governing body. If you are attending a Tournament, on a self-funded basis, it is imperative that you ensure your travel arrangements are made to ensure you arrive in time to attend such Team Managers’ meeting. If you do not, BWF will levy a fine: please note that such fine, if applicable, would be passed on to you

For further information please contact us at

Under 18 years or age?

In the event of a player aged under 18 travelling to an international tournament, parents will be asked to sign a short affidavit. For further information please contact us at