ANNOUNCEMENT: Launch of new membership

The launch of Badminton Scotland’s individual membership will mark a milestone in the development and modernisation of our sport, focusing on investment, growth and improving the structure of Scotland’s Badminton clubs and communities.

With clubs and communities at the heart of our updated 2023 / 27 strategy, the introduction of an individual membership is key to understanding the demographics of our membership and improving our engagement with you so that we can provide services and products that meet your requirements. This will mean that we can effectively support our clubs, improve competitions and our overall performance for the whole Badminton community across Scotland.

The individual membership will launch in October 2022 and can be purchased at £10 for juniors (under 19s) and £15 for adults (age 19 or over). The new membership will give you access to a range of improved benefits: tournaments, competitions, discounted tickets and court hire at SCRBC, insurance for non-club badminton activities and much more.

Feedback from our recent member and non-member surveys has helped us to understand the need to communicate more frequently and effectively with our members. 40-50% of respondents in our member survey ranked ‘entry into competitions and tournaments, regular communications and insurance benefits’ as important or very important. From the non-member survey, ‘contributing toward the wider development of the sport and being part of the wider badminton community’ were ranked the most important factors when considering becoming a Badminton Scotland member.

Keith Russell, CEO, Badminton Scotland says “Following Covid, we have a real opportunity to establish a Badminton community and connect all those with a passion for Badminton in Scotland. I believe the individual membership offers many benefits to not only players, but our volunteers, officials and everyone within our community. We have seen other sports modernise, grow and develop by introducing memberships and now it’s our turn to build for the next 10 years”.


Frank Turnbull, Interim Chair, Badminton Scotland says “The individual membership is an exciting prospect for our sport. It not only reflects the increasing financial demands of running a Scottish governing body but allows us to enhance the engagement and involvement for our members. For Badminton alone, we have around 150,000 weekly players and we want to create a better connect with this population to transform Badminton in Scotland.”

With this announcement, we are also improving our support for clubs with an updated JustGo Club+ system that will integrate with Tournament Software. We currently use both of these membership management software and the upgrade will make it easier and more efficient for clubs to manage membership renewals, weekly finances and storing data in accordance with GDPR regulations. The integration with Tournament Software will provide a seamless entry process for competitions and allow us to promote local leagues and club competitions.

Due to the upgrading of the software, we will be delaying the affiliation for the 2022/23 season until October 2022. Any member who affiliated during the 2021/22 season will remain affiliated until the beginning of October 2022, which is when the 2021/22 season ends. The 2022/23 season will conclude as usual at the end of July 2023.

Any new members who affiliate between now and the start of October 2022 will have their membership carried forward into the 22/23 season. If you purchased a membership after 1 April 2022, your membership will still be valid and carried forward into the 22/23 season. More details on the benefits of the individual membership and Club+ will follow in the coming weeks.

Club secretaries will receive a separate communication next week with information on affiliation and the new systems.

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