Badminton Europe Summer School 2019 – Opportunity for Coaches

Badminton Scotland is pleased to announce that up to two coaches will be nominated to attend the 2019 Badminton Europe Summer School for coaches. The 38th edition of the Summer School will take place in Podčetrtek, Slovenia from 6 – 13 July 2019.

Who is it for?  Level 1+ or Level 2 coaches (or equivalent)



·To provide new ideas and insight to coaches
·To provide a forum for networking between upcoming international coaches
·To enhance the participation of players and coaches of the developing nations in Europe and in activities of Badminton Europe



The complete training programme is managed by 8-10 staff of experienced European Coaches. The staff are responsible for the training of the players and education of the coaches. The participating coaches will take part in the BWF coach education level 1 and have the opportunity to work with the players attending from all over Europe. The Summer School aims to provide social interaction amongst participants as well as hard work and learning on the badminton court for the players, the coaches and the staff. Players and Coaches come from all over Europe to attend the Summer School.

What’s included?

All meals, accommodation, training, facilities, and local transport are included in the fee.

More information about the summer school can be found here.



1. Coaches should be minimum Level 1+ to UKCC Level 2 qualified
2. Coaches should be registered on the Badminton Scotland Coaches Register
3. Coaches should be actively coaching in a club or squad environment with aspirations to develop themselves further
4. To nominate a coach or to nominate yourself, please complete the form here



Badminton Scotland will contribute up to £150 to support each coach attending but aside from this contribution, the Summer School will be a self-funded opportunity.

Nominated coaches are expected to cover the fee of 450 Euros (less £150 support mentioned above) and cost of flights to Slovenia.