Badminton Europe Summer School 2020

The BEC Summer School is a one-week training camp.

It is a combination of a training camp for talented junior players and a coach education course open to all European nations. The event is run by Badminton Europe (“BE”), in cooperation with carefully selected high profile staff coaches. The attached document provides further information.

Please note that (a) there is no financial support available for the Summer School, so it will be an entirely self-funded trip – see section below on costs; and (b) nomination to Badminton Europe is no guarantee of acceptance, as there are only 48 player places and 24 coach places available. BE will make the final decision on those accepted for the 2020 Summer School.

Who is it for?
Under 15 national players (born 2006 / 2007) and national (junior) coaches

The complete training programme is managed by 8-10 staff of experienced European Coaches. The staff are responsible for the training of the players and education of the coaches. The participating coaches are taking part in the BWF coach education level 2. The Summer School aims to provide social interaction amongst participants as well as hard work and learning on the badminton court for the players, the coaches and the staff. Players and Coaches come from all over Europe to attend the Summer School.
The Summer School will be a self-funded opportunity.
Nominated players and coaches are expected to cover the fee of 450 Euros and cost of flights to Slovenia (last year around £500).
What’s included?
All meals, accommodation, training, facilities, and local transport are included in the fee.
More information about the summer school is included in the attached document.

Nominations: Players

If you are a player who wishes to be considered for nomination, please send the following information Penny Dougray, Head of Performance Administration ( to reach her no later than Friday 6 March 2020:
Player name
Male / Female
Date of birth
Email address
Parent phone number

In seeking nomination, parents should note, please, that their son or daughter would be travelling unaccompanied; and requests for nomination are on the basis that parents accept full responsibility for their children travelling alone, or with other players

Please note that if more than six notifications of interest are received, then players will be nominated in the order below.

1. Players born in 2006 or 2007 are eligible for nomination
2. Players will be nominated from the BADMINTONscotland Rankings at the beginning of March 2020.
3. Six players will be nominated in the following order:

I. Top ranked Boys’ Singles player
II. Top ranked Girls’ Singles player
III. Top ranked Boys’ Doubles player
IV. Top ranked Girls’ Doubles player
V. Second top ranked Boys’ Singles player
VI. Second top ranked Girls’ Singles player

4. Nominations will be clarified by Chairperson of Junior Selection Committee

Nominations: Coaches

If you are a coach who wishes to be considered for nomination, please send the following information to Penny, again, no later than Friday 6 March:
Full name
Male / Female
Date of birth
Email address
Phone number

In the event that more than four nominations of interest are received, the Coaching and Development Committee will make the final decision on which four coaches to nominate.

Find the official invitation from Badminton Europe here