Badminton has a special place in the heart for LivIndians

Badminton is the most popular sport in Asia. It is the fastest racket sport in the world, provides a great work out and is easy to play whatever age you are.

In Asia, a lot of people play at professional level but even more play for pleasure, to get some exercise or to meet friends. People often play in the park in the mornings as part of their daily exercise routine.

Many Asian communities in Scotland are just as keen on badminton and one such community in Livingston is using their passion for the sport to provide wider benefits to the community.

Badminton Scotland’s Regional Development Officer Rita Yuan Gao explained: “In Scotland there is an Indian community which lives in Livingston.

“They called themselves ‘LivIndians’ and they love to play badminton.

“Once a year they gather together and organise a badminton charity event for British Heart Foundation.

“This is the fourth year of the event and so far this year they have raised £2900.”

The event was held on 2 March 2019 at Xcite Craigswood in Livingston.

There were 64 men and 16 women participating in the badminton competition but in total more than 100 adults and children joined in this friendly family event in some capacity and Almond Valley MSP Angela Constance also attended to present the prizes.

All the funds raised will go to the British Heart Foundation’s research.

The BHF fund over £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them.

Although this has helped transform survival rates, heart and circulatory diseases still kill 1 in 4 people in the UK.

If you wish to donate, please do so here