Badminton Scotland joins National LGBTI Sports Group

Badminton Scotland are pleased to announce that we have joined the National LGBTI Sports Group, which is chaired by LEAP Sports, Scotland’s LGBTIQ+ Sports Charity.

The National LGBTI Sports Group is a national group which exists to have a strategic overview of matters of LGBTI equality within sport in Scotland.

It was established in 2013 as one of the recommendations from the Out for Sport report. Badminton Scotland is one of five Scottish Governing Bodies (SGBs) to sit on the group, as well as other national organisations and institutions.

Badminton Scotland Inclusion Officer, Carolina O’Neill de Sousa e Sá says:

“This is a positive step forward for Badminton Scotland. It demonstrates a commitment to working more closely with LEAP Sports as a partner, holding ourselves accountable as an SGB, and ensuring that we are taking steps towards making badminton in Scotland a more welcoming and inclusive space for LGBTIQ+ people. Our hope is that we will also be able to work more collaboratively with other SGBs and organisations on national LGBTIQ+ sport initiatives and events.”

You can find more information on the National LGBTI Sports Group here.

If you would like to engage more specifically with LGBTIQ+ inclusion work at Badminton Scotland, you can email Carolina at

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