Badminton Scotland Launches New LGBTIQ+ E-learning Course

Badminton Scotland are excited to launch our dedicated ‘Introduction to LGBTIQ+ Inclusion’ e-learning course on the sportscotland Brightspace platform.
In November 2023, Badminton Scotland joined the National LGBTI Sports Group chaired by LEAP Sports. This set in place our commitment to working more closely with LEAP Sports as a partner to ensure that we are taking steps towards making badminton in Scotland a more welcoming and inclusive space for LGBTIQ+ people.
This 30-45 minute course aims to give learners a starting point to LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport, and it encompasses useful links and resources which people can use for further insight and learning.
Carolina O’Neill de Sousa e Sá, Inclusion Officer, says: We intend for the course to be accessed widely by anyone and everyone involved in sport, but especially badminton coaches, officials, players and volunteers. The overall objective is to encourage the badminton community in Scotland to gain knowledge and confidence around this topic.
Follow the steps below to access the course:
  • Create a sportscotland Brightspace account here
  • Once logged in, go to your homepage and click on the ‘Discover’ tab
  • Select the course called Introduction to LGBTIQ+ Inclusion in Sport
  • Complete the course and earn your badge!
This month (February) is also LGBT+ History Month, which aims to raise awareness of LGBT+ people’s history and culture, and to challenge prejudice and discrimination.
If you have any trouble accessing the course or if you have any further questions, please contact