Badminton Scotland statement regarding Coronavirus/Covid 19

Following the recent advice from the Scottish Government regarding social distancing in order to avoid catching and spreading coronavirus, we are recommending that formal Badminton activities are cancelled until further notice.

Badminton Scotland will be cancelling our National Junior Performance programme and the U13 and U17 National Junior Championships on the 4th and 5th of April. We may try to reschedule the U13/17 Nationals for a later date if practical, but in reality this may be difficult.

Selection criteria for international competitions later in the season will be re-evaluated when it is clearer if these events will take place.

Official guidance can be found at the following links. All badminton clubs and communities in Scotland should familiarise themselves with this guidance and act in such a way which helps the government achieve their goal of minimizing the spread of Covid 19.

Please continue to be vigilant with hygiene and familiarise yourselves with the guidance contained in the links below: