Central Badminton Association Smash In2 Festival

The second Central Badminton Association Smash In2 doubles festival was held at Grangemouth High School on 02 September 2018. The event was attended by players of all levels from different clubs and social groups playing in central Scotland who enjoyed competitive games at their own pace.

The event took the format of a doubles challenge for all players over the age of 14. The event was split into groups social and competitive to allow everyone attending to enjoy challenging games at their own level of play. Each player played doubles games with all of the other players in their group and individual scores were recorded. The second round then allowed players to move up or down a group based in their scores.

In total 33 players registered for and took part in this event.  The entrants were from a broad range of different clubs and groups and it was an excellent opportunity for players to meet people from other clubs and find out more about different clubs in the area. Many of the players attending commented that they would like to play in future events and would recommend the event to other players in their clubs. It was also a good opportunity for clubs to pass on information about themselves.

The standard of play across the groups ranged from beginner up to very fast competitive play in the top groups with all players attending finding challenging games at their own level.

Everyone enjoyed the event and many confirmed they would attend a similar event in the future.

Many thanks to organizers from Central Badminton Association support from Badminton Scotland and to all of the players who helped make the event a success.

Central Badminton Association would like to offer a special thanks to Falkirk Community Trust for providing a venue without which this event would not have been possible.