Dundee City Disability Sport: Discovery Games 2023

Dundee City Disability Sport Badminton Championships 2023

Dundee City Disability Sport, in partnership with Leisure and Culture Dundee, and supported by Scottish Disability Sport and Badminton Scotland are delighted to host Discovery Games. We all extend a warm welcome to all players, family and friends to the 24th year of hosting Discovery Games.


2023 sees the second addition of these Badminton Championships that Dundee City Disability Sport are proud to host in Dundee and we hope to build on the success of last year’s event

The venue, Dundee International Sports Complex, will be an excellent venue to host these Championships as it boasts 8 courts and excellent seating and viewing platforms.

The centre is accessible and has numerous benefits to hosting this type of event. See a full description of the facility.

The Championships have been designed to give maximum opportunities to play matches and we hope that it will be a worthwhile experience for all involved.

All timings / courts giving in this programme are a guide, therefore, please keep checking your fixtures as your game may be earlier / later than advertised in the schedule.

There will be no official lunch break, however you are free to have lunch / refreshments in between your matches.

We would like to express our thanks in advance of the championships for everyone that has been involved in the day, from the organising committee, referees, officials’ desk and the staff at Dundee International Sports Complex, to parents/coaches and everyone else who has added those little touches to make the day run smoothly.

But to you the players, we hope you have a great day and enjoy the experiences of playing in such a great facility and we hope to see you again in Dundee very soon.

Good luck to everyone taking part!


  • Registration will open at 9.15am and the championships will begin at 10am sharp. The schedule and draw will depend on the number of entries and will be completed one week before the event.


There will be seven sections of the competition.

  • A – Open Class for Players who use a wheelchair.
  • B – Open Class for Players with an ambulant Physical Disability
  • C – Open Class for Junior Players with an ambulant Physical Disability (under 18 years)
  • D – Open Class for Players with a Learning Disability (please provide player rating) – Three Divisions
  • E – Open Class for Short Stature Players


  • Round robin matches will be played first to 21 with extended scoring to 30. Semi Final and Final will be 3 sets to 21 with extended scoring to 30.
  • Players will swap ends at 11.


Fees of £5.00 per player per event. All cheques should be made payable to Dundee City Disability Sport.

Complete the ENTRY FORM and email it to: darren.thomson@leisureandculturedundee.com or by post to:

Darren Thomson

Leisure and Culture Dundee

Level 3, Central Library

The Wellgate