Glenearn BC host their first ever Women’s Badminton Ladder

On Sunday 27th August at ASW Perth College, Glenearn BC hosted their first ever Women’s Badminton Ladder.

Kirsten Lindsay from Glenearn came up with the idea, and the club, and Badminton Scotland were keen to support.

Women could enter with a partner or without and were placed into ladder’s depending on their ability.

Ross Paterson from Glenearn did a fantastic job ensuring everyone was placed in the correct ladder, and the matches were all keenly contested.

Most of the women taking part were from clubs in Perth, Fife & Dundee, but others didn’t play for a club and had just seen the advert.

The feedback from the competitors was fantastic, not only do they want this event to run every year, but if possible, twice yearly.

The matches were played in the best spirit of fun and friendship as well as great competitiveness and good sportsmanship.

Kirsten was delighted her idea led to so many happy faces and great matches.

Well done to everyone involved! Talks between Glenearn & Badminton Scotland will be taking place in the next few weeks to get a date in the diary for the next Women’s Ladder.