Happy World Badminton Day 2023!

Over 88 years ago, on 5 July 1934, that the International Badminton Federation (now BWF) was founded. In recognition of this significant date, and to make this a day of celebration for badminton globally, World Badminton Day is held annually on 5 July.

In 2022, more than 200 World Badminton Day activities were delivered across 60 countries by National Badminton Federations, clubs, communities, and badminton fans.

We hope everyone has a great day and don’t forget to share your World Badminton Day celebrations and activities on social media using #WorldBadmintonDay

What is World Badminton Day?

World Badminton Day brings people and communities together to experience fun and inclusive badminton, through a variety of active, engaging, and innovative badminton activities. These activities will take place globally over the same period of time. While activities may range in size, location, and focus; the common theme to celebrate and promote badminton will be shared by all.

Who can take part?

Everyone is encouraged to take part in World Badminton Day, either through attending a World Badminton Day activity, club session, meeting with friends or why not try and beat your keepy up record!

How to celebrate World Badminton Day?

World Badminton Day provides an opportunity to engage new and existing badminton participants. Activities may bring badminton and other themes together, including culture, music, food, art, other sports.