Moloy Sarker on AWAZ FM with Rajani Tyagi

“Prepare yourself and play your best” – Moloy Sarker

On Monday, 31 October Rajani Tyagi spoke with Scottish Masters player Moloy Sarker after he played in Badminton Scotland’s recent 2023 Scottish National Masters Championships in Perth.

On the show Moloy told Rajani about his experience of playing in this tournament for the first time with partner Kumar in the Men’s Doubles 45, and gave advice to others thinking of competing in similar tournaments.
Moloy is an amateur player who enjoys the social side of badminton, playing 2-3 times a week in his local community, saying how the sport is a “good social get together”.

When reflecting on the overall experience of playing at the 2023 Scottish Masters Championships, he said:

“It was brilliant I saw quite a few players were older but they are playing like a pro. They are playing very very good so I feel anyone can participate next time if anyone wanted to join. Badminton is the sport all of us enjoy and are playing quite a few times a week”.
Rajani added: “So you mentioned that there were people over 70 years of age coming and playing so that’s really really brilliant isn’t it? I mean this tournament is good because you said you are an amateur player and you got this opportunity to play against other players and improve your game and just feel good about playing the sport. I think especially when you have these age categories It makes a difference because you can’t play against someone who is 20 years of age, but you still want to play”.

Moloy said: “When you go to the competition I enjoy the moment. When you compete with the opponent although you know you are not that strong to compete with that kind of professional but  when you just play against them it was just amazing feelings and this experience I can’t even just explain how good the experience is to play with the good players”.

Scottish Masters Travelling Far and Wide

Moloy was impressed by the amount of Masters players who travelled to Perthshire for the event, and commented:

“People from all over Scotland actually came in because this is quite a good social get together as well. I saw people from the Isles, Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow. One of the two women doubles playing the 70+ they are travelling from Glasgow to Perth and I’ve got some video on my phone and I was really really impressed with these performers as they are playing very good”.

Badminton as an Accessible Sport

Moloy told listeners about how badminton is the game you can play any time, at any age group, and there is so many facilities. Rajani agreed, adding: “It’s being indoors, 365 days a year, easily available and easy to access this sport”.
Rajani then gave insight on what it’s like to play in tournaments and events, saying it’s all about continuing to improve skills, preparing yourself, taking that one step further and making ourselves brave enough to go and play with players outside our clubs and comfort zone.
When giving advice to others who are thinking of playing in tournaments, Moloy said: “Whatever happens happens. I want you to go there and enjoy this match and I want to enjoy the experience that is a thing you need to remind yourself. Obviously you have prepared yourself as much as you can. Go for it and trust me it is the best experience ever”

About Rajani

Presenter on Awaz FM – Daily Life Show and have also been a judge for the UK Community Radio Awards. I am an independent badminton coach with Badminton Scotland which is also voluntary work. I have been working with the community in starting and continuing with women only badminton and cricket clubs. Last but not the least I am a doctor by profession.

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