Paul Stewart: Doubles Masterclass Coaching Sessions Aberdeen

Aberdeen Badminton Academy are delighted to announce that Paul Stewart will be coming up to Aberdeen later this month to deliver four 2.5 hour doubles masterclass coaching sessions for their members on Saturday 30 of September and Sunday 1 October at Kincorth sports centre, Aberdeen.

Junior sessions will be taking place on the Saturday while adults will be on the Sunday.

Paul is an international badminton coach who has worked with many world class players at BWF All England 1000 series tournaments over a number of years and also runs the hugely successful website where he shares tips, coaching tactics and product reviews.

As part of the academies partnership with Badminton Scotland they are delighted to offer a limited number of spaces to non-members at £25 per session.

If any players are  interested in attending any of the above coaching sessions please drop them an email for further details and availability.

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