Ritchie Campbell receives President’s Medal

The former Badminton Scotland President and Board Member of Badminton Europe received the BEC President’s medal at the BEC Gala on Saturday.

The BEC Presidents’ medal is presented for distinguished service to the game in an international context. On Saturday Ritchie Campbell received the medal at the BEC Gala in Kiev, Ukraine.

There is no doubt that Ritchie Campbell is dedicated to the sport of badminton:

– Member of the Scottish Badminton Union for more than 20 years
– President of the Scottish Badminton Union from 1993-1995
– Member of the British Olympic Association for 10 years
– Vice President of Badminton Europe from 2003 to 2012
– Director of Finance at Badminton Europe from 2012 to 2018


Surprised Scotsman

The Scotsman received a standing ovation entering the podium, but for him it was quite a surprise, that he was receiving the medal:

“It is a great honor to receive it and quite unexpected,” Campbell said.

“I was surprised that I was the recipient this year. I have always tried to do what I have been asked to do, and hopefully I have achieved that.”


Here to help if he can

Ritchie Campbell has been working with four different Badminton Europe Presidents, and he has a few words to the newly elected President, Peter Tarcala:

“Be yourself and bring your own footsteps and ideas to the game. Keep developing Badminton Europe as a very strong base to work from,” Campbell said.

“I am always here to help if I can” he adds.

Article and image courtesy of Badminton Europe