Glasgow and West Base Regional Performance Squad Trials

Badminton Scotland will be hosting an initial trial for the Glasgow and West Base Regional Performance Squad on Sunday 10th March 2024 from 10:00-12:00.

The Base training programme introduces athletes to the Badminton Scotland Junior Performance Pathway, teaching athletes important values, standards and behaviours that will enable them to develop into better athletes and better people. Base is aimed at athletes aged approximately 8-14 with these initial trials focusing particularly on younger athletes (8-11), however we would also consider athletes who are already achieving in U13 A or B Grade events.

This programme will develop the technical skillset of athletes as this is the foundation that they will build their game on in their later years. Alongside this, they will develop their tactical awareness as this will allow the athlete to develop their skills holistically. The mental aspect of the game is a lower priority at this stage of development; however, athletes should learn basic competencies such as learning to learn.

It is an expectation that athletes will undertake 6 hours of training per week; as well as compete in a minimum of 6 Competitions A or B grade each year if selected for the programme. This email is being sent to the BS Regional Group areas of Glasgow & North Strathclyde and West of Scotland, as well as any pathway clubs within these areas. We would expect the club/coach or the parent themselves to nominate the athlete for this trial by filling in this form.

We only have 16 spaces in the trial session available therefore, we will contact all athletes who have been nominated by Thursday 7th March informing them on whether they have been selected for the trial or not. Please note that there are only a handful of spaces available within the Base RPS Glasgow and West programme at this time therefore, we would encourage any athlete to see the trial as an initial experience to learn from as we will now have regular trials twice yearly for this programme.

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Sunday 10th March 2024

Sir Craig Reedie Badminton Centre,

12 Bogmoor Place, Glasgow, G51 4TQ

10:00 – 12 :00

Small Practices and Matches